Ambulatory Video-EEG Testing

Do you ever experience vague, non-specific intermittent symptoms, fainting, twitching, seizures, dizziness, shaking or other symptoms and related occurrences?  Are you having difficulty with diagnosis and ultimately unsure how to manage?

Orange County Neurology offers Ambulatory video-EEG Testing!

What is a Video Ambulatory EEG?

Video Ambulatory EEG monitoring is an EEG (and simple EKG) with simultaneous time-locked video, which monitors physical and/or subjective symptoms such as shaking, fainting, twitching, dizziness, tingling, seizures or other non-specific spells.  The video camera recording of physical symptoms can give further insight in conjunction with the brain activity captured by the EEG.  Our experienced neurologists can then use the video and EEG information to help determine if there is a correlation between the symptoms in question and brain and/or cardiac activity.

Why is Video Ambulatory EEG a better choice than the standard EEG?

Continuous Recording for up to 96 hours
Captures physical symptoms in addition to the EEG data
Convenience for your patient—no long, inpatient hospital stays for monitoring
Event Button allows patient to digitally mark an occurrence if/when experiences any symptoms
Overnight Monitoring
Uses Combined Data
Cost Savings
Fast results