Behavioral Medicine Program

The Behavioral Medicine Treatment Program at Orange County Neurology is a comprehensive and holistic treatment intervention integrating proven behavioral medicine techniques to treat chronic pain and neurocognitive conditions.   The emphasis with behavioral interventions is to treat the whole person in a non-pharmacological (i.e. no medication) approach.

Both physiological and psychological aspects are addressed in helping patients achieve a better quality of life.


•    Chronic pain , Fibromyalgia
•    Stress management
•    Anxiety, Panic Disorder, and Depression
•    Phobias (driving, social, claustrophobia, medical procedures, public speaking, test-taking)
•    Neurocognitive conditions (memory loss, attention deficits, etc)
•    ADHD
•    PTSD
•    Concussions
•    Women’s Health Issues (Pelvic floor pain syndromes, domestic violence)

We begin with:

— initial neuropsychological assessment
— EEG (electroencephalogram)

We then customize a six to eight week treatment plan.  Treatment interventions may include:

  1. Biofeedback training
  2. Neurofeedback training
  3. Mindfulness Training
  4. Meditation training
  5. Skills training
  6. Solution-Focused psychotherapy